Electric Vehicle National Highway has completed the 210 km first phase of the country’s first 500 km interstate electric highway from Delhi to Agra under a pilot project in 2020-2021.This 500 km electric highway passes through Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan,. Also we plan to build 20 charging stations and 10 INCA depots. After a final technical trial of 210 km from Delhi to Agra, today this 278 km commercial trial paves the way for the country’s first 500 km of electric highway.

He said the process protects the interests of all stakeholders including electric vehicle users, electric vehicle passenger stations, taxi service operator stations, infrastructure and banking investors, state and central governments. told Four important things will be tested in this trial which started from today between Delhi and Jaipur. It is important to reduce pollution, the cost of seats in electric buses, the cost of electric cars per day, the cost of converting a kilometer of a national highway to an electric highway, and saving all the electric cars plying on it. year.

According to the information, the first phase of testing will allow electric vehicles to get emergency technical assistance on highways within 30 minutes, motorists will be able to but 30% cheaper vehicle, and the cost of charging stations will be reduced by 3%. Guaranteed to be depreciated in one year. The Delhi-Agra and Delhi-Jaipur highway will soon be merged into on HE e-highway. This makes it the longest electric highway. with the construction of an electric highway, it will also become cheaper for people to travel. When the journey of electric bus and Delhi-Jaipur starts. On average an electric car costs only 1 ray per km. After that, the cost and fares of electric public vehicles are expected to be less than half that of diesel and petrol vehicles.

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