Central employees got a gift! Before DA Hike, the central government made a big announcement

7th pay Commission

7th Pay Commission: There is good news for central employees. Before the DA hike, the central government has taken a big decision for the employees. this decision will directly benefit the employees. Let’s know the latest updates.

7th Pay Commission ? House Building Advance Interest rates: Central employees have got great news before the DA hike. The government has mad a big announcement for the central employees. the interest rate in the building advance given to the employees (Central Govt Employee’s) for building a house i.e home loan taken from the bank has been reduced from 7.9 percent to 7.1 percent. The government has also issued an office memorandum for this. The employees will get big benefits from this decision of the government.

BIG relief to the employees! Under this decision from April 1 2022 to March 31 2023 the government has decided to increase the interest rate of 80 basis points on the advance given to the employees to repay the home loan taken from the bank for building a house, buying a house or flat. That is, it has been cut by 0.8 percent. That is now the dream of the employees of their own house will become even easier. Employees can now avail this interest rate till march 31, 2023.

How much advance can i take? Now the question is how much advance can you take? Let us tell you that under this special facility given by the government, central employees can take advance in two ways i.e. up to 34 months or up to a maximum of Rs 25 Lakh according to their basic salary. Also, out of the cost of the house or its ability to pay whichever is less for the employees, that amount can be taken as advance.



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