This tea leaf is available for only one kg in 9 crore rupees! You know who buys it? why is it so valuable

World’s Most Expensive Tea: The world’s costliest tea leaf is found in China. Its name is Da-Hong Pao Tea. It is so expensive that you can buy many flats at this price. You can buy many luxury vehicles. It is considered very good for health. There are claims that drinking it cures even serious diseases.

New Delhi: Everyone’s morning starts with tea. There are many people who do not drink tea in the morning, then they feel lethargic throughout the day. You must have seen tea leaves of different rates in the market. Must have seen many expensive and some cheap tea leaves. But have you seen such tea leaves, whose one kilo packet costs Rs 9 crore. You must be wondering which tea is this which is so expensive. At the price of this tea, a luxury car can be bought comfortably. Can buy luxury flat. This tea leaf is so expensive for a special reason. Let us tell you about the most expensive tea leaf in the world.

9 Crore Tea Leaf

This is the world’s most expensive tea leaf

The world’s most expensive tea leaves are found in China. Its name is Da-Hong Pao Tea. This tea leaf is found only in the Wuisan area of ​​Fujian, China. Apart from this, this tea leaf will not be found anywhere else. If we talk about its price, then you will get only one kilogram for Rs 9 crore.

Because of this its value is in crores

The reason why this tea leaf is so expensive is that it is not easily available. It has only 6 plants left in China. Even from them, this tea leaf is available in very small quantity throughout the year. The leaves of Da-Hong Pao Tea are very small. In such a situation, its original leaves are very expensive. In many places, people pay 10 to 20 lakh rupees for 10 grams of this leaf. Its leaves are picked from only one particular tree. It is not cultivated like common tea leaves. China earns a good profit by trading its leaves.

Claims to be cured of serious diseases

This tea found in China is said to be very beneficial in terms of health. It is said that drinking this tea cures many serious diseases.

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