Airtel giving VIP number for free!  Apply online, will reach home directly

Many times you get a call from VIP number.  Such number starts with ‘99999….’.  Now the question will be in your mind that how can you also buy such a number?  Today we are going to tell you about some such methods with the help of which you can get VIP Number.  Let us also tell you how you can order such a number sitting at home-

To buy any VIP number of Airtel, you have to visit the official site will go on.  Here you have to click on New Connection.  After this a form will open in front of you.  Everyone’s name has to be filled in it.  After this you will also have to enter the mobile number, address.  Finally you have to click on Submit.

You can also order from Airtel App-

After clicking all you will get an OTP.  Your order will be entered as soon as you enter it.  Apart from this, if you want the number of your choice, then you can also visit the store.  Here also you are offered some numbers.  Some VIP numbers are also included in this.  But for this you have to participate in the auction, or companies give such numbers on the plan of their choice.

If you also want to buy a number of your choice, then you will have to visit the store first.  Now with the help of Airtel App also VIP Number Offer can be availed.  For this, Notifications are also given to the users on the App.  You just have to follow these notifications.  Also, a cost has to be paid for this, which you can pay online as well.  Also, if you buy VIP Number from the store, then you can also pay it in cash.

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