Sep 29, 2022

Liquor was in hand along with call girl… accused of murder caught having fun in hospital

Bihar: Liquor was in hand along with call girl... accused of murder caught having fun in hospital

Vaishali’s superintendent of police Manish got the news that in the dark of night in the prisoner ward of sadar hospital, there is a colorful party of prisoners. In the raid that followed, the convicted prisoner was found partying in the AC room of the de addiction center of the hospital instead of the ward. The party prisoner had called the call girl with alcohol.

Brother, don’t leave your hand… I will, the mobile thief hanging from the train window kept pleading, the passengers dragged inside and beat him Viral Video: The thief was caught trying to escape by stealing the passenger’s mobile from the train window. The thief hanging from the window has been begging for his life. Then the passengers dragged inside through the emergency window and beat them fiercely. Now a video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Such an outcome of an affair with two boys together… the girl would not have thought even in her dreams: Local people say that the girl was alone at home at the time of this incident and her boyfriend Ankit Burman had come home. When the girl’s second boyfriend Ujwal came to know about this, he got furious with anger and reached the girl’s house with a loaded pistol. Together, he shot Ankit and fled.

Kanpur: Fight between husband and wife over cooking food for 12 people, husband gave his life as soon as the police arrived: In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, an engineer husband requested his wife to cook food for 15 people. The wife refused to cook the food. There was such a fight between the two on this matter that the wife complained ti the police. When the police came to the house, the husband committed suicide.

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