Dec 7, 2022

What do these colored stripes on the bottom of the toothpaste tube mean? Learn

Do You Know: Have you ever noticed the tube of toothpaste? If yes, then you must have also noticed the color code made on the back of the toothpaste. But do you know the meaning of these color bars?

Do You Know: We brush our teeth first thing every morning. If you have ever paid attention while brushing, then you must have seen that a color bar is given on the bottom side of the toothpaste. Different colored color bars are given on different toothpaste tubes. Have you ever wondered why these color bars are given? What do these color bars mean?

information on social media

You must have seen many sites on social media claiming that the red, green, black and blue colors behind the toothpaste refer to the ingredients used in the toothpaste. It is said on social media that the green mark on the paste means that the toothpaste is completely natural, the blue mark means that it contains a mixture of natural ingredients and medicine, the red mark means that it contains natural ingredients and chemical elements, and a black mark means that it contains all chemical elements. But how much truth is there in this claim?

What is the real meaning?


Oral health care company Colgate has denied this claim on its website and explained the real meaning of these bar codes. Colgate said that these colorful strips made on toothpaste have nothing to do with the ingredients falling in it. Colgate says that the reason for these color codes is related to the way toothpaste tubes are made.

According to Colgate, the color of the toothpaste gives an indication to the light sensor installed in the tube making machines that what type and size of tube is to be made. At the same time, from where the tube has to be cut and sealed.

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