These symptoms start appearing on the skin as soon as the sugar level increases, be careful as soon as they appear

Diabetes is a chronic disease that lasts for life. Apart from the symptoms like frequent urination, feeling very hungry, thirsty, weight loss, numbness of hands or feet, there are many other symptoms which are also visible on the skin. Let us know about these symptoms in detail.Now the risk of diabetes has started increasing in the world as compared to before.

Diabetes is a problem that can happen to old people, young people, children, anyone, at any age. The cases of diabetes are increasing very rapidly all over the world. In India, 7.7 crore people are suffering from the problem of diabetes.


In today’s hectic life, people get very little time for physical activity. Along with this, due to lack of time, people are not able to pay attention to their food properly, due to which the cases of diabetes are increasing rapidly.

many types of health-related problems have to be faced, which include kidney disease, heart-related diseases, nerve diseases and problems related to oral health.By recognizing the early symptoms of diabetes and making changes in your lifestyle, you can avoid this disease. Some of its symptoms start appearing when there is a problem of diabetes.

Diabetes Warning Sings

Such as frequent urination, loss of appetite, dry throat, weight loss, numbness in hands and feet A part from this, some symptoms are also visible on the skin when there is diabetes. If you are facing any skin related problem or disease, then it can be a sign of uncontrolled sugar level.

Health experts say that some symptoms of diabetes are also visible on the skin. In such a situation, it is important that you do not ignore these symptoms and contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Swollen and red skin

This can be due to a bacterial infection as it causes skin irritation due to which your skin becomes very hot, swollen and reddened. Apart from this, a lot of pain also has to be faced due to bacterial infection. The most common bacterial infections include staph infections.

Rashes and blisters

These can be due to fungal infection. Yeast-like fungal infection caused by Candida albicans is the most common fungal infection affecting people with diabetes. Due to this fungus, you may have to face the problem of skin rashes and blisters. The most common fungal infections include – Infection between the fingers, Vaginal infection, Itching and Ringworm.


This is the most common skin problem in diabetic patients. This is due to poor circulation in the body, dry skin and infections, especially in the lower part of the feet.

Dark, velvety and discolored skin

this is called acanthosis nigricans. Due to this the color of the skin starts changing and the skin starts looking black, velvety. Due to the problem of diabetes, brown, black spots start forming on the skin, which looks very velvety to touch. These spots can be on the neck, armpits, waist, hands, elbows and knees.

Diabetic ulcers

Although this problem is quite rare, but diabetic blisters occur in those patients who are already affected by diabetic neuropathy. In diabetic neuropathy, uncontrolled diabetes can affect and damage your nerves. These blisters can occur on fingers, hands, toes, legs and also get better on their own.

Diabetic Ulcer

Diabetes Warning Sings

Due to the increase in blood sugar level in the body, nerve damage starts and circulation also starts getting worse, due to which the problem of diabetic ulcer has to be faced. The high level of insulin in the body does not allow these wounds to heal.

In such a situation, these open sores are called diabetic ulcers and this problem is faced the most in the feet. These open wounds can cause permanent damage and if left untreated can lead to amputation of body parts.

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