Money rained in the World Cup, know how much money Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappe’s team got

Argentina defeated France 4-2 in the penalty shootout in the final of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Sunday.  There was a fierce competition between the two teams in the match of Kante.  With this victory, Argentina’s 36-year drought will end.  With the victory, Argentina not only got the trophy but also got crores of rupees.  On the other hand, France became rich even after losing in the final.

It rained money in the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar and all the 32 teams were definitely given something or the other.  A separate prize was set for each stage by FIFA, which was given accordingly.  The champion team of Argentina got Rs 347 crore as prize money.  The French team that lost here also took home Rs 248 crore.  The team of Argentina and France, which played the final match, got a total of Rs 595 crore.

The team that reached the semi-finals got this much money

In this tournament, where Argentina’s team was number 1 and France’s team was number 2, Croatia was at number three, which was given Rs 223 crore.  At the same time, the Moroccan team, which made it to the semi-finals for the first time, finished fourth and got Rs 206 crore.


Ronaldo’s team got Rs 140 crore

Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, England were eliminated in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022. All these teams will be given Rs 140 crore.  Apart from this, the teams of America, Senegal, Australia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea were eliminated after losing in the last 16.  All these teams were given Rs 107 crore as prize money.  Teams of Qatar, Ecuador, Wales, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, Serbia, Cameroon, Ghana, Uruguay, who were eliminated in the group stage, were awarded Rs 75 crore.  Went.

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