Bulldozer of great use used in making potato vegetable, boondi made from cement-concrete mixer

These days, the bulldozer used in construction remains in the discussion about breaking the houses and shops of criminals. But now this ‘yellow claw’ is being used in Madhya Pradesh to prepare prasad for the devotees of Hanuman ji. Read interesting story‚Ķ

Madhya Pradesh always remains in headlines for its strange news. Now there is a discussion about the bulldozer being used in the huge Bhandara organized in the famous Dandraua Dham (Bhind district) of the state. From JCB machine to cement concrete mixer are being used in this Bhandara. Everyday lakhs of people are eating food here. 700 confectioners and about 10,000 volunteers are engaged for this work.

In fact, these days ‘Siapiya’ meeting ceremony has been organized at Dandraua Dham. Along with this, Maharaj Pandit Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham is narrating Hanumant Katha at Dandraua Dham. Bhandara has also been arranged for the devotees who arrive daily in this event.

The bulldozer puts the vegetables from the pan into the trolley.

Food Made in Bulldozer

The Bhandara is so huge that whoever sees it, is amazed. A team of 700 confectioners is engaged to prepare this bhandara, which is working day and night to cook food. The confectioner consists of 450 men and 250 women. Confectioners are working here in 2 shifts day and night.

The morning starts with breakfast. Morning breakfast is being prepared here using 20 quintals of poha and 8 quintals of semolina daily and this breakfast is being served to the devotees who reach here and other people living here.

After breakfast, Bhandara starts in the afternoon.

Potato curry, puri and malpua are being served in this Bhandara. The special thing is that the Bhandara is so huge that confectioners have to use JCB machines and cement concrete mixers in the Bhandara.

The team of confectioners preparing Prasad.

There are two big pans named Ganga and Jamuna at Dandraua Dham. In these pans, 20 quintals of potato curry can be made at one go. JCB machine is being used to take out the vegetables from such a big pot and fill them in the trolley. With the help of JCB machine, the vegetable is being filled in a trolley and sent to be served to the devotees.

Not only this, a cement-concrete mixer is being used to prepare the solution for the malpuas. Along with this, food is prepared on 40 pans at the same time. Lakhs of devotees are reaching here every day.

Ashok Bhardwaj, the organizer of the program, said that 10,000 volunteers are present to serve food to all the devotees who receive Prasad and if lakhs of devotees come to have food, thousands of people are also present to serve them.



By Harsh

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