Got mad in love! 20 year old girl married her servent:

Got mad in love:-

20-year-old Muskan lives with her mother. His mother did not forbid him to marry the servant. After marrying Aamir, Muskan has hired three more people to take care of the buffalo. She says that after marriage, I have started loving Aamir even more.

A year old girl fell in love with her servant. He had hired a servant to take care of the animals of his house. But the girl was struck by his honesty and then proposed him for marriage. The girl says that small or big, rich and poor are not seen in love.

The girl’s name is Muskan and she hails from Punjab, Pakistan. Muskan told in a Youtube video how she fell in love with 25-year-old aamir. He had kept Amir to take care of the buffalo of his house.

Got mad in love! 20 year old girl married her servent:

Muskan says that she had four buffaloes, who had hired Aamir to take care of them. Aamir was very honest and used to do his work diligently. After his arrival, the buffalo started giving more milk. Muskan was very impressed with Aamir’s work and gradually he started liking Aamir. One day he made up his mind to talk to Aamir about his heart.

When Aamir was bathing the buffalo in the tabla, Muskan proposed to Aamir. Muskan said that i have started liking you and want to marry you. Hearing this, Aamir was shocked for a moment. Muskan gave Aamir till evening to reply. In the evening, Aamir accepted Muskan’s marriage proposal by asking his family members.

Aamir also sings a song for his wife Muskan -Tee Ishq Mein Pagal Ho Gaya, Deewana Tere Re… Wherein, Muskan expresses love through a poetry _Chandni is from the moon, not the stars. Love is from one and not from thousands.

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