Jan 4, 2023

The Longest Expressway

Bhaskar team traveled on this under-construction expressway to know how ready the country’s longest expressway connecting the capital Delhi with the financial capital Mumbai is. NHAI gave special permission to Bhaskar team for this. During the visit, out of 1355 km highway, 738 km long 8-lane Greenfield Expressway was seen almost ready. The fastest work was seen in Madhya Pradesh. Here out of 244 km, 240 km long road has been completed.

The good thing is that the 540 km long stretch of this expressway will open this year. So that in the states where the work has been completed, people start getting its benefits. It will start with the 229 km long Delhi-Jaipur/Dausa route this month. The 100 km long Vadodara-Ankleshwar highway will be opened in March and the 211 km long Jhalawar-MP/Gujarat highway in June. Once the expressway is completed, the Delhi-Mumbai journey will be completed in 12 hours, now it takes around 25 hours.

The Longest Expressway

Bhaskar’s team traveled about 1750 km in 5 days to test the work of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. There were many occasions when the team had to come back 30 to 40 km due to a dead end on the under-construction expressway. After wandering through rough routes at many places, then found the main road. One special thing was also seen that seeing the completion of the project, now the plans of the states are also ready to take advantage of it. It has 4 to 6 lane roads to connect with the expressway and land is also being acquired for the industrial corridor. In some places, construction is also visible.

Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have made progress in this. Both these states have obtained the approval of several projects from Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari to connect their cities with this expressway. For example, work on the 86-km six-lane road from Paniyala Mor in Haryana to Alwar in Rajasthan will begin in March. With this, vehicles from Punjab and Haryana will get direct Delhi-Mumbai connectivity. This is a project of 1388 crores.

The Longest Expressway

The Rajasthan government had sent the proposal of the six lane road project from Alwar to Bharatpur to NHAI, which has been approved. With this, people coming from Delhi will be able to go directly to Bharatpur-Agra. Similarly, to take advantage of this expressway, Madhya Pradesh is building a Multi Logistics Park in Ratlam on 1800 hectares. The land acquisition work is going on for this 3500 crore project. Plans are being prepared for 10 four-lane roads in Mandsaur-Ratlam-Jhabua-Ujjain-Dhar which will be connected to the expressway. Their total length will be 650 km.

How much work completed

stat km complete

Gujarat 426 65%

Rajasthan 373 93%

Madhya Pradesh 244 95%

Maharashtra 174 17%

Haryana 138 78%

That’s why Maharashtra and Gujarat are backward

The project is slow in both the states due to delay in acquisition. The stretch in Maharashtra is 174 km long. Work has started on 79 km. The 77 km package has been awarded in the tender hall. 18 kms left.

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