Indian earned 38 lakh rupees by working just five minutes, you can also try your luck

Indian earned 38 lakh

Earned lakhs by working 4-5 minutes

People get many opportunities in life, with the help of which they earn lakhs and crores by working only 4-5 minutes. On most of the occasions, this opportunity is available only in the competition like lottery, prize etc. A lal from India has again done the same thing. Neeraj Nakam boy of Rajasthan has won a reward of Rs 38 lakh by working for just 5 minutes.

Why did you get this reward?

According to a report by IANS Neeraj has discovered a bug in Instagram that could have seriously damaged the app’s reputation. Neeraj Sharma found this bug after hard work, with the help of which the thumbnail of the reel could be changed, no matter how strong the password of the account was.

After finding out about this, he gave this information to Facebook. When the company got a response they changed the thumbnail in 5 minutes as a demo. On the night of may 11 he received a facebook mail in which it was said that a reward of $45,000 (about Rs 35 lakh) was given.

You can also participate

By participating in Insta’s bug bounty program, you’ll need to find out what’s wrong with the app. After finding the company’s website, it has to be told to the company. Then you will get money reward on the basis of work.

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