Investment is necessary to win the lottery

Recently, a mountain of trouble broken on the auto driver who become a millionaire, the whole family started regretting the victory

Any great success bring with it great responsibility. It takes double the effort to keep it up. It is more trouble for the people who win crores in lotteries etc. Many big decisions have to be taken in time, from better investment to lifestyle changes etc.

Millions of lottery became trouble

Investment is necessary to win the lottery

The arrival of crores of rupees is as much a matter of luck as it is of misfortune. This is true for Anoop, who Rs 25 crore in the Mega Onam bumper lottery in Kerala. However, a mountain of troubles has broken on him even before the money comes in his account and after planning the investment etc. after the information of victory. Due to which the life of the child along with his wife has become difficult.

Lined like chits of the needy

It has happened that even since people came to know that they have got a lottery of 25 crores, there is a line outside their house like letters of the needy. He told that people are running to his house so much to ask for financial help, due to which he has been forced to think why he won the prize.

Happiness, peace, peace all disappeared

He told that his mental peace has been disturbed and it would have been better if he got the prize in the lottery. Right now he has not even got money and his son is unwell, in such a situation, he has to stay at his relatives’ house after being troubled by the queue of people outside the house.

Anoop is unable to go to his home

Anoop is unable to go to his house. Anoop’s life has become so difficult that he has started regretting this victory. Even now the lottery money has not come in his account he is not able to understand what to say to such people.

Bihari became a trillionaire got so much money that even counting should be forgotten side he did not even dream of

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