Oct 1, 2022
Jack Ma

Jack ma was born on September , 6, in a small village in Hangzhou, China. Jack ma’s parents used to work by singing and playing traditional songs. Jack Ma had a great childhood, so he used to go to Hangzhou International Hotel on a bicycle where big foreign nationals used to come.

Jack Ma used to talk in his broken English before those people to learn English. The English language was not considered as important in china. But when Jack Ma learned to speak some good English, he worked as a tourist guide for your foreigners from other countries. In doing so, his English become very good. He did this work from about years. Jack Ma also Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering.

While working as a tourist guide, he became a good foreign friend. Jack Ma’s real name was Yun, but it was very difficult to speak it in Chinese, so that foreign friend named him, since then he came to be known as jack. After that Jack’s mother started looking for a job.

Jack Ma tried for more than jobs but he just got failure from everywhere. He once tried for a police job but was refused on sight. When KFC’s restaurant opened for the first time in his city, he tried for a job in KFC as well, but out of people who went there for jobs, people got jobs but only are did not get them. This shows how full of struggle his life was.

Jack Ma first heard about the Internet in . Jack Ma went to America in 5 with the help of this friends to get information about the internet. In America he saw and operated the Internet for the first time. He first searched the word bear on the internet, there he got many types of information about the word Bear from other websites. When he paid good attention. he saw that there is no information about it in Chinese language on the internet and thus suggest an idea in his mind.

He even searched on the Internet about the country of China, about which he could not find much on the internet. Jack was very sad to not find information about his country on the internet because he felt that china was far behind in the field of technology compared to other countries.



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