Will AAP from the government with Congress if needed? Kejriwal gave the answer: also spoke on alliance in Delhi

Kejriwal replied:- Assembly election in Gujarat are in full swing. A part from the Bhartiya Janata Party and the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party is also trying it’s best. Whose government will be formed and who will sit in the opposition will be decided after the counting of December 8. At present all the parties are claiming their respective victories. All the are survey agencies are are predicting the victory of BJP once again. Congress and AAP are claiming to from there government by telling them wrong.

It is also believed that the anti BJP votes may get divided between the Congress and the AAP. In such a situation, the question also arises that if the BJP does not get a clear majority. Can the Congress and AAP together from the government? Delhi chief minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal has answered this in an interview. He also responded to the decision to from the government. The first time in Delhi with the help of Congress and said. That he did so because of the the will of the people.

Abhi toh aap shubh-shubh boliye

Kejriwal replied

In an interview given to TV-9 Bharatvarsh, when he was asked if he would form a government with the Congress if needed, Kejriwal laughed and said, “Abhi toh aap shubh-shubh boliye.” Pray that our government is formed on our own.” Responding to a question about forming a government with the Congress in Delhi despite taking oath, Kejriwal said, “I had asked the public. After the Delhi elections, I did not want to go with him at all. Then we went to every street in Delhi and held meetings with the people. He said that he should form the government and fulfill his agenda.

Kejriwal further said that there was a government of 49 days. As soon as the government was formed, they waived off their electricity bills. The water bill of entire Delhi was waived off. Corruption ended. Within 49 days, the romanticism of our government happened in a way, didn’t it? People used to say that this is the style of Anil Kapoor’s film Nayak. Because of that 49 days, the public gave us 67 seats. Worked, that’s why the government voted for us again.



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