License Of Rajiv Gandhi canceled

License of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation canceled, Ministry of Home Affairs took action on the allegation of foreign funding:-

Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was accused of foreign funding in the year 2020, after which an inquiry committee was formed by the ministry of Home Affairs in July 2020, on the basis of its report, it was how been decided to cancel the license of the foundation. Sources say that the notice to cancel the license has been sent to the office bearer of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Sonia, Rahul and priyanka are the trustees

Let us inform that former Congress President Sonia Gandhi is the President of RGF. While other trustees include former prime minister Manmohan Singh, former finance ministers P Chidambaram and Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. According to the RGF website, the organization was established in 1991.

Foundation established in 1991

License Of Rajiv Gandhi canceled

Raji Gandhi Foundation was established in the year 1991 to fulfill the vision of former Prime Minister Rajiv gandhi.

Foundation accused of funding from China

Let us tell you that in June 2020, BJP had accused the foundation of foregin funding.

Alleged funding of 90 lakh rupees

License Of Rajiv Gandhi canceled

He claimed that there is a list of donors for the Rajiv Gandhi Foundations for 2005-2006. In this, the Embassy of China donated it is clearly written. Why did this happen? What was needed? Many industrialists, PSUs are also named in this. Was it not enough that bribes had to be taken from the Chinese embassy too? He claimed that the foundation was funded by 90 lakhs from china.

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