Argentina captain had to be helicoptered out after fans broke down on bus

Football World Cup winner Argentina team was welcomed by lakhs of fans in the country on Tuesday.  The celebration took place in the capital city of Buenos Aires.  The entire team joined in the celebration by sitting on an open top bus.  During this, a major accident was averted.  5 players including Captain Messi sitting on the roof survived falling.  Messi had to be helicoptered out during the celebrations when a crowd of fans rushed towards the bus.

According to Argentina’s government agency Telem, four million people were present at the memorial site in Buenos Aires.

Messi slept with the World Cup trophy glued to his chest, photos went viral

Messi’s picture is going viral, in which he is sleeping with the World Cup trophy glued to his chest.  He himself posted this photo.  After the victory, photos of him kissing the trophy and table dance went viral.  Argentina captured the title on 18 December in the final of the FIFA World Cup by defeating France in a penalty shootout.

First let’s see three photos with Messi’s trophy

People said – sleep peacefully

Social media people made funny comments on these photos of Messi.  Some called it a peaceful sleep and some said – Good sleep king of football.  Actually Messi’s dream of winning the World Cup has been fulfilled after 16 years.  This was Messi’s fifth World Cup.  He was part of the Argentina team for the first time in the 2006 World Cup.  But Argentina could not succeed in winning the World Cup.  Argentina has won the World Cup for the third time.  Earlier won in 1978 and 1986.

Messi’s grand welcome in Argentina, holiday was declared

The Argentines were awake when the FIFA Cup world-winning team returned at around 3 a.m. local time on Tuesday night.  Seeing the trophy in Messi’s hands, crores of eyes got the same relief as seeing God in person.  Tuesday was declared a national holiday in Argentina, but the whole country is on holiday since Sunday.  He did an 11 km long road show.

Messi has scored 16 goals in the World Cup so far

Messi received the World Cup Golden Ball award for the second time.  However, the Golden Boot went to Kylian Mbappe of France.  Who scored 8 goals in the tournament.  Whereas Messi scored 7 goals in this World Cup.  Messi scored 2 goals in the final.  He has so far played 26 matches in the World Cup, in which he has managed to score 16 goals.  Of these, 12 were field goals and 4 were scored from penalties.  He scored one goal for Argentina in 2006.  In his second World Cup in 2010, he failed to score a single goal.  2014 he scored 4 goals.  In 2018 he scored 1 goal.  While in his fifth World Cup, he scored 7 goals for his Argentina.

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