Mumbai: Rumours about child abductors in city has been lirking around terrorising parents while the police froce is trying to combat the fake news. The rumours recently caused chaos in Malad’s Malvani wherein locals caught two women suspecting they were child abducters.

On Friday two women broke itno a home at Maruti chawal of a Mangal Kanwale while the family was sleeping. Mangal heard noises and woke up and spotted the women who’d broken into her home and thought they were child abductors, reported Midday.

The report stated that an alarmed Mangal shouted for help bfollowing which the two women were help by local and beat up. The duo thought kept insisting that they had come to steal and not abduct kids.

Mumbai police ask people to not belive in fake messages on social media about child abduction

However, the paranoid locals did not belive them. The neighbours said that they will be handed over to the police since they did not want to take a risk. To escape from the situation the women then removed their cloths compelling men to back off the report added.

The women then ran off in two different direction escaping from the spot.

The report quoted police officials saying that the two women were indeed not child lifters and could have broken into the home to steal. The official requested public to not belive in rumours on being shared on social media and inform police in case anything happens.

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