When IIm undergraduate Yashasvi Sharma told the customer care executives of the e-commerce giant about the deception he faced, he flatly refused to admit his mistake and said ‘No Return Possible’. After this yashavi raised the matter on social media. Now the company has agreed to refund.

The festive season has started and with this the sale of e-commerce website has started. But, in the rush to buy cheap goods in the cell, many customers. One such shocking case came to light with a Flipkart customer, who ordered a laptop online, but on his order, the company sent a pack of Ghadi Detergent.

First the company refused to accept the mistake: According to a Business today report, IIm Ahmedebad undergraduate Yashaswi Sharma ordered the laptop during the Big Billion Day Sale. It said that the customer had ordered this laptop for his father. But when delivery was done, instead of laptop, packs of watch detergents were received from flipkart. When yashasvi complained about this to flipkart customer care, the company refused to admit its mistake.

Now preparing to return the money: Flipkart says that it takes full care of the facilities of its customers and does not let their trust break. They have a Zero tolerance policy regarding this. The company wants to give its customer a great online shopping experience. In this case the customer shared the OTP number with the delivery boy without opening his package. After verifying this issue, our customer care team has started the refund process. The money will come in the customer’s account within 3 to 4 days. we are also taking action against the wrongdoer.

Didn’t even listen to the evidence of CCTV: This incident happened to him by an IIm undergraduate through a post on Linked in . In this, he said that when i complained about the wrong order to the company, the officials flatly refused to correct their mistake. He said that he has CCTV evidence to prove that instead of laptops, clock soap has been delivered. Despite this the company refused.

By Harsh

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