Dec 9, 2022

The glow of the skin has been snatched from the freckles of the face, then apply this oil at night, pigmentation will go away

Here such an oil is being mentioned which can be prepared at home. This oil can prove to be effective in removing freckles from the face.

Freckles appear due to accumulation of melanin on the skin. Pigmentation can be caused due to sun damage, ageing, genetics, hormones or use of harmful skin care products. This is one skin related problem that many women struggle with. Here we are talking about such oil which can be made and applied at home. The effect of this oil is also seen in removing freckles and other spots from the skin.

oil to remove freckles

To remove freckles from the face, you will need Vitamin E capsules along with Almond Oil. It has been revealed in many studies that Vitamin E is effective in reducing pigmentation. In such a situation, to overcome this problem, take almond oil in a bowl. Add a capsule of Vitamin E to it. After mixing well, apply this oil on the face at night and keep it overnight. Follow this recipe 2 to 3 times a week. You will start seeing the effect.

These tips will also work

Apart from almond oil, some remedies also show good effect to remove freckles. Cucumber juice can also be applied on the face. Wash your face shortly after applying it. Potato juice shows good effect in removing freckles. For this, grate the potato and squeeze it and apply it on the freckles with cotton. Wash the face with clean water after keeping it for 10 to 15 minutes. Papaya is also effective in reducing freckles. To apply it, take ripe papaya pulp and apply it on the face. Remove it by kneading it with a light hand. It is effective in exfoliating the skin. Drink maximum water. Due to this, the skin gets sufficient hydration, due to which the problem of freckles or spots is reduced.



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