Due to which the accused of Chhawla gangrape were acquitted by the SC, how will justice be given now?

Those 5 big mistakes of Delhi Police : First by the trial court and then by the Delhi High Court.  After this the matter reached the highest court of the country.  But the Supreme Court, overturning the decision of the lower court and the High Court, acquitted all three of them.  This is the story of a gang rape and murder case that happened 10 years ago in Delhi.  In which all the three accused escaped due to the negligence and weak investigation of Delhi Police. 

Nirbhaya case

Who can forget Delhi’s Nirbhaya?  With whom on 16 December 2012, five people raped in a moving bus and then murdered her.  This cruelty that happened with Nirbhaya then shook not only Delhi but the whole country. 

The culprits got the death penalty

Delhi Police investigated the matter and arrested all the three accused one by one, gathered evidence, spoke to the witnesses and after a few days of passing three months also filed a charge sheet in this connection.  Moreover, in the light of all the evidence and witnesses, the Lower Court of Delhi not only declared the accused guilty, but also sentenced the three to death, keeping the case in the category of rarest of the rare.  The High Court also upheld the trial court’s decision after understanding the entire case and looking at the evidence.  That is, put his stamp on the death sentence of all three.

Supreme Court acquitted the culprits like this (Those 5 big mistakes of Delhi Police)

Those 5 big mistakes of Delhi Police

After this, when the matter reached the Supreme Court, it was as if the case suddenly turned on its head.  The Supreme Court not only pointed fingers at the police investigation, but acquitted all three one by one.  But how did all this happen?  After all, what was it that, in the eyes of the Lower Court and High Court, was termed as poor, not only gave a new life to the three boys, but also gave them the right to live freely in the society?  Where did the mistake go?  So to understand this shocking story of Chhawla rape and murder case, let us take you on the same date on which this incident happened with this girl.

9 February 2012, 9.18 pm, Chhawla-Delhi

After her duty from Gurgaon, the girl was returning to her home as usual.  In Delhi’s Chhawla area, she had just moved a few steps ahead of Hanuman Chowk when suddenly on a deserted road, misfortune surrounded her.  It happened that some boys in a red colored Indica car while passing through the road forcibly dragged him and kidnapped him with them.  This happened when three more girls were also going towards their respective homes on foot, while another person was also present on the way there.  Everyone tried to save the girl in their own way.  Some screamed and some in some other way.  But the crooks came out faster

Delhi Police showed negligence

Out of these, a friend of the victim girl immediately called the Delhi Police and within a short time a team of Delhi Police reached the spot.  On the other hand, when the daughter did not return home, the girl’s family members also approached the police station.  But the police then did nothing more than register an FIR and ask for a probe. 

Extreme cruelty with girl

The condition of this corpse was such that it was difficult to recognize even after seeing it. The scoundrels did not stop there, they took out the iron pan and jack from the car and hit him on the head.

The shocking decision of the Supreme Court 

The poor had stained his body in places by heating other tools with the silencer of the car in order to make him look like a fire. After this, the accused broke the beer bottle and kept cutting the entire body of the girl till she died.    Those poor people blew the girl’s eyes and filled the acid of the car battery in them.  So that even his identity is not possible.

The lower court and the high court sentenced to death

On the basis of evidence, while the lower court sentenced the three accused to death, while the High Court also upheld this sentence.  But when the matter reached the Supreme Court, the court finally acquitted the three accused, questioning the credibility of the police investigation and evidence.

Now the question is, what did the Supreme Court see in this case, which the Lower Court and High Court did not see?  So let us now try to understand this observation of the Supreme Court in a sequential manner.

IO and Delhi Police responsible for negligence(Those 5 big mistakes of Delhi Police)

Those 5 big mistakes of Delhi Police

Obviously, the IO of this case and Delhi Police are responsible for this negligence.  This is the reason that despite getting the death sentence from two courts each, the Supreme Court had to pass the order to acquit all three, giving them the benefit of doubt.  Now the parents of the girl who became the victim in this case are in a bad condition.  His pain is immense.  Because he was fighting for the last 10 years to get justice for his daughter.

As a result, in the absence of evidence, the Supreme Court releases those accused.  The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Chhawla gang rape and murder surprised everyone.  In such a situation, the sudden overturning of this decision of the Supreme Court is certainly surprising people.



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