WhatsAap is spying on users Telegram founder’s statement stirred up! whatsapp is spying on users

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has made a big allegation on WhatsAap. He has said said that people should delete this app immediately. He is spying on people. WhatsAap is spying on people not just now but for the last 13 years. There has been a stir after his statement.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has made a big allegation on WhatsAap. Pavel Durov has said that whatsaap is surveillance tool. People should stay away from it. He has cited the flaw in the security of WhatsAap as the reason for this.

The founder of Telegram even said that even if users do not use Telegram, they should stop using WhatsAap.

The company had informed about these security flaws only last month. The founder of Telegram has said that Whatsaap is putting users data at risk. He appealed to the people to use other instant messaging apps instead of Whatsaap.

Spying for 13 years

In one of his statements, Pavel Durov has told that hackers can have full access to the Whatsaap user’s phone. He has also claimed that the company has been making users’ data available for spying for the last 13 years.

He further told that the security flaw which is in Whatsaap. It has been put on purpose. This gives access to encryption messages to the government, agencies and hackers. He said that it dose not matter that you are the richest person in the world.If you have Whatsaap in your phone, then the date of all the apps on your phone can be accessed.

Telegram doesn’t need any promotion: Pavel Durov



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